Thursday Apr 11, 2024

The Road to Scrum Mastery : Sjoerd Nijland

Sjoerd Nijland is a Scrum Trainer and Course Creator. He empowers teams with gold standard neuroscience-based training for high performance through professional learning journeys.

During this chat you'll hear about the Road to Mastery training that Nisha's sampled, and is a big fan of.  This is long term training, where lasting relationships are built, and offers sooooo much more than a couple of days in a classroom!

If you’re passionate about transformative learning experiences to help you bring agility to the teams and organisations you’re working with, you’ll want to listen to this episode.

Key takeaways

📍The Genesis of Road to Mastery - The inspiration behind creating an Agile learning journey that bridges the gap between theory and practical application, making Scrum Mastery adventurous and fulfilling!


📍Navigating Challenges - We talk about the common hurdles for Scrum Masters, including facing down the beast that is imposter syndrome. Discover strategies for overcoming these challenges through community support and experiential learning.


📍Adapting to Real-World Scenarios - The importance of adapting Scrum to diverse team environments and cultures through experiential learning, feedback, and the courage to apply Scrum practices authentically.


📍Beyond Professional Growth - Don’t take our word for it! Participants share how the course made a huge impact to their personal growth, enhancing their authenticity, confidence, and leadership skills.


This episode’s got more insights and real talk than a chat with your most brutally honest mate.


It might just be the talk you need to tackle your challenges as a Scrum Master head-on—or at the very least, make you feel a bit better about not having all the answers straight away.


🎧Tune in and let’s get real. 


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